Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
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Dr. Henry specializes in traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, sports medicine, neurological and rheumatological diseases, non-surgical orthopaedics and the care of weekend warriors. She also works with chronic pain patients, as well as complex hand and extremity disorders. Contact Dr. Henry for details.  
Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
Mechel Henry, M.D.
If undergoing evaluation by Dr. Henry for Qualified Medical Evaluation (QME), Agreed Medical Evaluation (AME) or Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), please follow these instructions:
Download the Patient Questionnaire and bring a completed copy to your appointment. If you are not able to download the questionnaire, please call and we will fax or mail it to you in advance of your appointment. A completed questionnaire must be submitted prior to your appointment.

Treatment for
Cervical Dystonia
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Physiatry & Medical-Legal Consulting
If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, please complete the Epworth Sleepiness Scale prior and bring a completed copy to your appointment.
All medical records must be mailed or faxed to Dr. Henry's office.
Electronic media is preferred.
Dress comfortably for your appointment in loose clothing, perhaps in
exercise attire, which can allow easy access to the site of pain or injury.
Dr. Henry will examine you and ask questions compiling a complete
medical history to aid in planning your treatment. Allow about 60 minutes
for your first visit and 30 minutes for follow-up exams. Please read the instructions to prepare for Electromyography, if you are scheduled for
an Electromyogram.
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